Executive Jet Management, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH, US
Certificate: CWQA061D (US); held by Executive Jet Management, Inc.

Wingman status verification date: 24-May-2019

Executive Jet Management, Inc. has demonstrated a commitment to aviation safety and meets the stringent operational, maintenance and crew training requirements established by Wyvern in The Wingman Standard. This industry-leading safety standard far exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements for air charter and was developed by Wyvern in cooperation with the industry’s largest flight departments and charter buyers.

To maintain its Wingman certification, Executive Jet Management, Inc. is audited by Wyvern every 24 months. Executive Jet Management, Inc. also provides Wyvern with current company, insurance, aircraft and pilot data so that its clients may request a PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) report to verify that the operator, aircraft and crew for a given trip meets the requirements of The Wingman Standard.

Make sure you request a PASS report each time you book a charter flight.

Please contact Wyvern for more information:
+1 (800) 946.4626